Adaptation Futures 2018

Web-based platforms are both indispensable and effective to support climate adaptation. How can we best learn from each other? What are the major challenges? How to build and sustain an international community of practice with the aim of better informing climate action through effective web-based platforms?

At the Adaptation Futures conference in Cape Town a workshop will be dedicated to discuss these issues and explore possibilities to elaborate on efforts to establish an international network of those working on and with web-based platforms.  The cases of Brazil and Ireland will be presented and used as triggers for the workshop.

Programme of the workshop

Kim van Nieuwaal, Climate Adaptation Services (chair)

Introduction, goals and outline of the workshop. This workshop builds on the outcomes of a workshop at the previous Adaptation Futures conference in Rotterdam.

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Roger Street, UKCIP

Recent developments and challenges, with reference to the EEA report Overview of climate change adaptation platforms in Europe and the Roadmap for Climate Services by the European Commission.

Mariana Xavier Nicolletti, Center for Sustainability Studies, FGV-EAESP

Case 1: The Brazilian portal: AdaptaClima

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Barry O’Dwyer, MaRei Centre, University College Cork

Case 2: The Irish portal: Climate Ireland

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Julia Barrott, Stockholm Environment Institute

Insights from 10 years’ expercience running

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Do we need and, if so, how can we build and sustain a community of practice on web-based platforms to share and learn from each other with the aim of better informing climate action through effective web-based platforms? What are the major challenges that should be the focus of our attention?

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