ClimINVEST – Tools for climate-resilient investment

Across the world, businesses’ operations are increasingly affected by extreme weather events or slow changes in temperature and sea levels. The financial impacts can be far-reaching: flooding and sea surges can cause damage on the production facilities, interruptions in the supply chain and transport of workers, while heat waves can threaten agricultural production and disable workers.

Climate scientists expect the frequency and severity of natural hazards such as windstorms, sea-surges, heavy precipitation, floods, droughts and heat waves to increase. Impacts that scientists were expecting over a much longer time horizon, like sea level rise, are already happening today, exacerbated by interactions with extreme weather events.

The ClimINVEST project aims to facilitate financial decision-making by offering tailored indicators, tools and maps for investors. Together with Wageningen University & Research, CAS is responsible for communicating and visualizing relevant climate impacts for companies in the financial sector: MVGM and PGGM.