Damage costs NKWK

Under unchanged policy, climate change may cause negative impacts on locations, functions and persons. Climate adaptation measures are necessary to prevent these negative impacts as far as possible. To be able to weigh the costs and benefits of climate adaptation measures, insight is needed in the potential damage due to climate change. In 2012 research institute Deltares calculated the damage for the Netherlands as a result of precipitation and drought damages in the built environment. The outcome, an estimation of 71 million euro over the period 2013-2050, gave a clear signal to governments.

Municipalities are interested in the potential damage for their specific area to support their adaptation strategy and associated budgets. The national estimation however cannot simply be translated to a specific area. In order to make damage cost estimations for specific municipal areas possible, CAS works within research programme NKWK climate-proof city  on a method and tool to estimate climate damage on the municipal level. For this, the national estimation and diverse existing tools are brought together and further developed.