Action Identification Module: C40 Cities learn to translate risks into action

C40 Climate Leadership Group

C40 Cities helps 96 cities all around the globe to draw up a Climate Action Plan. A part of this action plan is to protect your city against the effects of climate change. To provide assistance for this, we have created two modules for C40 Cities. On of these modules is the Adaptation Action Module (AIM). The AIM helps cities to translate the risks from the Climate Risk Assessment into actions. Below you can read more about this module.

What does the module teach you?
The AIM teaches advisors how to achieve shared ambitions and corresponding adaptation actions, by working together with various city stakeholders. This module is a logical next step after the Rapid CRA Module that teaches you how to carry out a Climate Risk Assessment. During the AIM you will follow three steps:

  1. Analysis: What are the main drivers of the Key Climate Risks from the Climate Risk Assessment? Participants examine the natural as well as the socio-economic systems of a city.
  2. Ambition: What are the shared ambitions for the city? How do you want the city to deal with the effects of climate change? The module distinguishes between three different levels of ambition.
  3. Action: What can you do to protect the city against climate risks? Each participant writes down several possible actions, after which all the participants give each action a score. Then they will elaborate on the actions with the highest score. Is it possible for instance to combine this action with other important tasks? Who is responsible for the implementation, what kind of action is it, and within what timeframe does it need to be executed?


What is C40 Cities?
C40 Cities is a network of the world’s 96 megacities. This network helps these cities to draw up a Climate Action Plan in order to deliver on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement. This plan encourages cities to take action against global warming by reducing their CO2 emissions. Simultaneously this plan stimulates cities to protect their citizens against the effects of global warming. Therefore, a part of a Climate Action Plan is a Qualitative Climate Risk Assessment.

More information
Would you like to know more about this module? Please contact Felix van Veldhoven.