Bangladesh shares knowledge on adaptive delta management with self-made MOOCs


CAS organizes the training ‘How to MOOC?’ to teach staff members of the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) how to make their own MOOCs on Adaptive Delta Management. On Wednesday 2 September, the first online session took place. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC is a free online training open to everyone who is interested. This project is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme of Nuffic.

What is the training about?
The training helps staff members of the Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM) at BUET to create MOOCs on Adaptive Delta Management (ADM). The purpose is to support the implementation of the Bangladesh Delta Plan (BDP2100). This delta plan prepares Bangladesh for the effects of climate change. During this first online session participants got a shared understanding of the training and its overarching goals.

Why does Bangladesh need MOOCs on ADM?
Bangladesh is part of the Ganges Delta, which makes the country prone to floods. Adaptive Delta Management supports the sustainable development of Bangladesh under climate change. The IWFM wants to introduce the most important insights on Adaptive Delta Management to as many people as possible. MOOCs are the perfect tools to achieve this: they are online and free of charge.

What are the overarching goals of the training?
The training has two overarching goals:

  • The purpose of this training is to build capacity within the IWFM to develop high-quality learning. This is in line with the IWFM’s aim to expand its reach with short online courses.
  • The training supports the IWFM to create easy-to-access online learning on ADM for professionals engaged in the implementation of the BDP2100. This includes professionals working at the Delta Plan’s implementing agencies, researchers, policy-makers and students.

More information
Would you like to know more about the training we developed for Bangladesh? Please contact Eva Boon.