Climate Impact Monitor

The Netherlands

Climate change is leading to more extreme weather. It is important to protect our cities, infrastructure, agriculture and nature against weather extremes. Therefore CAS is contributing to the development of a Climate Impact Monitor. The development of the monitor is led by Wageningen Environmental Research, in collaboration with CAS, Wageningen Economic Research, the Dutch Association of Insurers, the umbrella organisation for urban water management RIONED , the  Foundation for Applied Water Research (STOWA) and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI). The provinces of Gelderland, Utrecht and Noord-Brabant are supporting the initiative.

All data on the effects of weather extremes together
The aim of the Climate Impact Monitor is to collect data on the effects of extreme weather on a single website. Examples of such data are: damage to buildings, reduced crop yields, disease reports and excess mortality after or during extreme weather events. The Climate Impact Monitor links such data in a targeted and systematic way in order to gain knowledge about the relationship between extreme weather and the economic and social costs.

A better understanding of the effects offers various possibilities
The Climate Impact Monitor is intended to provide a better understanding of the effects of extreme weather. This may show, for example, that it is necessary to take adaptation measures in a certain area. Over a longer period, the monitor can also provide insight into the effect of measures.

Our role in the project
Within the project CAS is involved in the design of the tool and in the inventory and connection of the data.

More information
Would you like to know more about this project? Please contact Arjen Koekoek.

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