Climate Projections and Risk Assessment for Durban (eThekwini Municipality)

C40 Cities
Durban (eThekwini Municipality)

Our climate is changing and cities are facing the consequences. Therefore, it is increasingly necessary for cities to plan and implement solutions in response to a range of climate hazards like flooding, storms, droughts and heat waves.

C40 Cities is supporting a small set of pilot cities to develop and update their climate action planning to mitigate climate change and anticipate climate impacts. The City of Durban (eThekwini Municipality) is one of the cities participating in the pilot.

CAS and FutureWater together worked on a cornerstone of Durban’s climate action plan, by carrying out a climate risk assessment. Over the years we have learned that for cities to act, it is important to visualise climate information in such a way that it ‘connects’ with the city priorities. Adaptation needs to be ‘mainstreamed’ into the activities that the city departments undertake. It means that climate change will have to be communicated to a wide range of stakeholders.

To stimulate the integration of climate adaptation in city-wide planning, the results of the climate risk assessment have been published to an interactive platform, hosted by Durban itself, supporting the continuous nature of climate adaptation planning. By developing tailored climate information and using interactive maps, graphs and infographics, we aim to make climate knowledge accessible, relatable and actionable and thereby support better decision-making.

Our local colleague wrote the following about this project:

“I have identified the C40 supported work being undertaken by eThekwini, Future Water and Climate Adaptation Services as one of the most cutting-edge examples of how information on current and projected climate conditions, risks and impacts is being developed and presented to support climate action planning across the various affected city management functions.”

Anna Taylor, African Centre for Cities, Department of Environmental and Geographical Science. University of Cape Town, Zuid-Afrika

“We recommend CAS as a professional organization that is excellent in matching a robust climate risk assessment approach with local needs. The bottom-up inputs are well incorporated and play an important part throughout the process as well as in the end result.”

Zama Khuzwayo, Climate Change Program Manager, Durban, Zuid-Afrika