From vision to actions in South-East Asia

C40 Climate Leadership Group
Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta

For C40 cities, we have developed a Vision Goals Target Actions method (VGTA method) together with our partner Sweco. This method has helped the cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Jakarta to develop an adaptation strategy, in order to determine goals, to set targets and to identify actions.

Why this method?
C40 Cities helps 98 cities in the world to draw up a Climate Action Plan. Part of this climate action plan is an adaptation strategy. But how do you ensure that this strategy is feasible? And what do you need to realize your ambitions within a limited time frame? First you have to know what your vision is, which goals you want to achieve, the way you want to achieve them and which actions you need to take. This VGTA method helps cities to take these steps. These steps are summarized in a tree diagram.

What steps have been taken?
First, a Climate Risk Assessment was carried out for both cities. This analysis showed what the five main climate risks are for both cities. We then started working with the VGTA method during a workshop. In this workshop, over thirty officials gathered to discuss the parts of the tree diagram. In a joint exercise a vision statement was written. After that, the participants discussed in breakout rooms concrete goals, such as less flooding and more heat resistance, and quantitative targets, such as higher dikes and more trees. Finally, we demonstrated the importance of a mix of reactive, preventive and transformation climate actions. By focusing on a mix of reactive warning systems, preventive dikes and transformative actions such as infiltration and city greening, you can make the city resilient and climate-adaptive in a sustainable way.

What is the next step?
After cities have developed their VGTA tree diagram, they can start writing a Climate Action Plan. This plan describes the steps a city has to take in the coming years to realize its vision.

What is C40 Cities?
C40 Cities is a network of 98 major cities in the world. C40 cities supports these cities to draw up a Climate Action Plan tin order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. This plan stimulates cities to reduce CO2 emissions and thus limit global warming. At the same time, it stimulates them to protect inhabitants against the consequences of climate change. Part of a Climate Action Plan is therefore this VGTA tree.

More information
Do you have questions about this method that we have developed for C40? Or about reactive, preventive and transformative adaptation? Please contact Romee Prijden.