Green-blue Knowledge Bank

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
2021 – present
The Netherlands

More and more adaptation measures are being taken to combat flooding, drought and heat. But do these measures work well? Which ones do and which ones don’t, and why? To help governments and other organizations choose from a range of measures, we have set up the Green-Blue Knowledge Bank. We have set up this knowledge bank together with Atelier Groenblauw, Deltares, Hanzehogeschool Groningen and the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

What can you do with the Green-blue Knowledge Bank?
The Green-blue Knowledge Bank can help you to determine which adaptation measures you need to take. By delving into research and practical examples of the effectiveness of measures, you can come to a better assessment. Which measures can be applied where and how? What effect can they have? And what experiences are there of different measures in practice? With the knowledge bank we want to bring this information together and make it available to a broad audience.

What can you find in the knowledge bank?
The Green-blue Knowledge Bank consists of three parts:

  • Studies: The knowledge bank contains various scientific studies on adaptation measures, including a summary for each study.
  • Impacts: The knowledge bank contains a database of measures. For each measure you can read what the effects may be, where you can apply it and what you have to pay attention to during construction and maintenance.
  • Practice: In the knowledge bank you will also find experiences with measures in practice.

Who is the Green-blue Knowledge Bank intended for?
The Green-blue Knowledge Bank is primarily intended for professionals involved in climate change adaptation. These may be professionals working for a municipality or another government body, but also professionals from other organizations. In addition, this knowledge bank is a source of information for teachers and students who are conducting research on climate adaptation.

What is our role in the project?
Together with Atelier Groenblauw and Deltares, we are the developers of the knowledge bank and form the core team for its management. It has been commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management through the research line NKWK Klimaatbestendige Stad. Through research and experience, Deltares and the universities of applied sciences provide the knowledge to be found in the knowledge bank. In November 2021, the first version of the knowledge bank came online. The intention is to expand the knowledge bank in the coming years.

More information
Would you like to know more about this project? Then please go to the website of the Green-blue Knowledge Bank or contact Menno van Bijsterveldt.