Implementation of the Bangladesh Deltaplan with the use of a knowledge portal

Twynstra Gudde
2019 – 2022

On 4 September 2018 the Bangladesh government has established the Deltaplan Bangladesh 2100. This plan describes national and regional strategies for climate adaptation until the year 2100. CAS was involved in preparing this Deltaplan. Now it is time for the next phase: the implementation of the plan, in which CAS will play a key role. It is a big project that involves two Dutch and two Bangladeshi partners.

What does the implementation of the plan entail?
The plan describes adaptive strategies to protect the Bangladeshi delta from the effects of climate change. By implementing the plan, strategies are developed into concrete measures. CAS helps the Bangladeshi governments with this implementation, by informing them with the use of the Bangladesh Knowledge Portal. This knowledge portal is intended to initiate the implementation of the Deltaplan, since knowledge is evolving and measures therefore need to be adjusted.

What is the role of CAS?
Our main role is to develop a knowledge portal together with our Bangladeshi partners. We also update the climate models of climate change, temperature and rainfall. Together with the Bengalis we set up the Bangladesh Knowledge Portal. By using our experiences with the Dutch portal, we learn them how to develop and update the portal themselves and to make the information comprehensible to the public. We share our ideas with the Bengalis, so they can process these into a Bangladeshi version. We would like to make this portal as clear as possible, so that that it can be used as model for the rest of the world.

How long will the project run?
The project has started in April 2019 and it will run for four years. Together with our Bangladeshi partner CEGIS we have drawn up an action plan to further improve the Bangladesh Knowledge Portal. We will come up with a new version of this portal in the autumn of 2020. We will use this for the continuation of the project.

An important step
The Bangladesh Knowledge Portal will be the central location for all information about climate change. This portal with open data will be accessible to all. That is an important step, because in the past data were seldom shared in Bangladesh.

In this project CAS is working together with a consortium of the Dutch partners Deltares and Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, and the Bangladeshi partners Centre for Environmental and Geographic information Services (CEGIS) and the Institute of Water Modeling (IWM).

More information
Would you like to know more about this project? Then please contact Eva Boon.