KE4CAP: project for knowledge exchange between adaptation platforms

European Commission
2019 – 2021

Between 2019 and 2022, CAS co-organized the KE4CAP project. Thirty organizations behind climate adaptation portals from around the world worked together to exchange knowledge. More than 200 developers, administrators and experts came together. The results can be found in the synthesis report.

What was KE4CAP?
KE4CAP stands for Stepping Up Knowledge Exchange Between Climate Adaptation Knowledge Platforms. This project aimed to connect developers and operators of adaptation platforms around the world. This way they could come together to compare and learn from their different approaches, to share knowledge and best practices, and to work together on common and emerging challenges. Participants discussed outreach, content, communication, functionality and management of adaptation portals.

How did KE4CAP come about?
In 2015, CAS and the University of Oxford took the initiative to establish a network of professionals working on online platforms for climate adaptation. This initiative has produced many great things: a global network has been created, a number of publications have been written about this relatively new field, and several workshops and meetings have been organized worldwide. This eventually led to the KE4CAP project.

The KE4CAP project was funded by the European Commission. The project team included professionals from University of Oxford (UK), University College Cork (Ireland), Stockholm Environment Institute (UK and Sweden) and CAS. In 2021, the project team organized a series of events with the aim of bringing together platform developers and operators from Europe with key partners from Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, India and Argentina.

More information
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