Knowledge Portal for Climate Adaptation

Ministry of infrastructure and water management
2014 – present

The Knowledge Portal is the Dutch platform on adaptation. It is the central information channel for climate adaptation in the Netherlands. The main aim is to offer information about climate change adaptation: what is adaptation, why do we need to adapt and how to do that? The portal reaches out to governments at various administrative levels, consultancies, private sector parties, education and citizens. The portal was developed by CAS in 2014, commissioned by the Delta Programme; the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the national research program ‘Knowledge for Climate’. 

CAS is the manager of the portal and keeps the portal up to date. New tools, practical examples, reports and events are updated on a daily basis. Moreover, users can approach the helpdesk with their questions, by submitting a webform. The helpdesk is also operated by CAS. The public attention for climate adaptation has been on the rise: we see an inclining number of visitors and the number of downloads keeps increasing. CAS makes sure that the portal and its structure meet the needs of the users. Meetings with the user panel are being organised on a yearly basis. Regular updates are implemented based on feedback from the users.

Climate Web Portal Brabant
The Province of Noord-Brabant set up a regional web portal on climate change adaptation. The portal was developed by CAS. The web portal supports and stimulates adaptation in the province, by connecting parties, exchanging information and disclosing practical examples. CAS is the web manager of the portal and keeps the portal up-to-date, together with the editorial team of the province.  New content is created on a weekly basis: news items, good practices and research highlights. CAS takes care of good alignment with the national web portal.

More information
Would you like to know more about the Knowledge Portal? Then please contact Menno van Bijsterveldt.