Rapid Climate Risk Assessment: a fast and easy stress test for C40 Cities

C40 Climate Leadership Group
2020 – present

C40 Cities helps 96 cities all around the globe to draw up a Climate Action Plan. A part of this action plan is to protect your city against the effects of climate change. In order to do so, you will first have to assess which climate risks your city faces. The way to do this is by making a Climate Risk Assessment (CRA). But how to carry one out? Together with the consultant engineers of Sweco we have developed the Rapid CRA Module to help cities assess their climate risks. This module helps the climate advisors of each of the 96 cities to carry out a CRA in a short time span and with a limited budget.

What does the Rapid CRA module teach you?
This module shows city advisors what a Climate Risk Assessment is and how to carry one out. First you have to determine which climate hazards will have an impact on your city. Is the city sensitive to heat, flooding, inundation, storms or heavy precipitation? And what would be the consequences for various locations and city sectors? Furthermore will be outlined which data to use and how to assess future climate hazards. You will also learn how to identify the most relevant impacts by holding meetings during which you will make use of impact diagrams. Once you have identified the ‘key climate risks’, you will be using them during the Risk Assessment to assess what the climate risks are your city is facing. Finally, this module shows how to use a story map to clearly communicate the results of the Risk Assessment to various stakeholders.

What’s next?
When cities have carried out a Rapid CRA they have a clear understanding of the main climate risks they are facing. The next step is to determine how to minimize these risks. What kind of actions are needed? The Adaptation Action Identification Module (AIM) shows you how to take the step from identified risks to appropriate measures.

What is C40 Cities?
C40 Cities is a network of the world’s 96 megacities. This network helps these cities to draw up a Climate Action Plan in order to deliver on the most ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement. This plan encourages cities to take action against global warming by reducing their CO2 emissions. Simultaneously this plan stimulates cities to protect their citizens against the effects of global warming. Therefore, a part of a Climate Action Plan is a Qualitative Climate Risk Assessment.

More information
Would you like to know more about the Rapid CRA module? Please contact Felix van Veldhoven.