European Commission
2021 – 2025

As climate change is already leading to extreme events affecting cities worldwide, local governments, citizens and the private sector are challenged to jointly develop solutions. Together with Deltares, CAS is coordinating REACHOUT, a 3.5 year project that aims to stimulate climate resilient urban development, reaching for resilient, climate neutral and adaptive cities. REACHOUT is funded by the European Commission under the H2020 Green Deal.

What does REACHOUT entail?
REACHOUT advances climate services for urban environments in seven City Hubs across Europe: Amsterdam, Athens, Milan, Cork, Gdynia, Lillestrøm and Logroño. In order to achieve this, REACHOUT brings together climate adaptation experts from across the EU: Deltares and CAS (the Netherlands), Tecnalia (Spain), Ecologic (Germany), Sendszimir Foundation (Poland), University College Cork (Ireland), NGI (Norway), CMCC (Italy) and IVM-VU (the Netherlands). The different organisations working together in REACHOUT will support the City Hubs in developing transformative adaptation strategies.

Story maps and Toolkit
Climate services will be tailored, visualized and presented in attractive and inspiring climate story maps. In a series of city hub workshops, adaptation narratives will be created through engagement with municipalities within the region, citizens and the private sector. Furthermore, existing tools and services will be improved by building upon achievements of Hor2020, Copernicus, GEOSS & JRC activities. This will result in a REACHOUT Toolkit. The cities will serve as drivers for the further use of the REACHOUT toolkit in the region and in cities affiliated with Resilient City Network and C40 Cities.

How is CAS involved?
CAS has a key role in REACHOUT, bridging the gap between useful climate services and usable climate services for end-users. We lead the climate service delivery work package, building the story of climate change adaptation together with the cities. This entails the visualization and story mapping of climate change information, adaptation ambitions and actions. We are also responsible for safeguarding the innovations in the project, such as demonstrating how European data can support urban planners, local stakeholders and citizens. And through the PhD research of Eva Boon, we try to answer how the different REACHOUT stakeholders engaged in a co-production process define the ‘success’ of the service throughout the project.

City Hub Amsterdam
REACHOUT is also catering the city hub Amsterdam, where CAS works with the Dutch pension investment company APG as main hub partner, to address the climate services for the financial sector, with a special focus on improving physical climate risk assessment data and methodologies for real estate.

More information
Would you like to know more about REACHOUT? Then visit the website of REACHOUT. Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about our involvement in this project? Please contact Karianne de Bruin.