The 4th European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA)

ECCA is the European conference on climate adaptation, where adaptation professionals and scientists meet. Sharing experiences is central to the conference, for example on research outcomes, new products or new approaches to engage stakeholders.

The conference is organized along six themes:

  1. Data, methods and approaches in climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction
  2. Co-production of knowledge, solutions and services
  3. Communication, data-sharing and decision support
  4. Institutions, governance, citizens and social justice
  5. Global climate challenges
  6. Climate risk management and resilience

Next to theme sessions, there will be talks from prominent speakers, and several organisations are represented with a booth. For more information see:


CAS will be present at the ECCA conference to share experiences, exchange ideas and learn about the latest developments. You can find us at the booth that we share with TEC Conseil. Feel free to step by for an informal conversation. We are happy tell you more on our climate services projects internationally and about our climate adaptation efforts in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, we are participating in several sessions and presentations. If you want to set up a meeting with CAS, don’t hesitate to send an email to: CAS has an active role in the following meetings/sessions

Monday the 27th of May Meeting (side event) “CAPAN and A-PLAT teams on climate adaptation platforms”

Tuesday the 28th of May 11:15 Session “Approaches, decision-support tools and data needs at the urban and regional scale”

Tuesday the 28th of May 16:15 Session “Novel approaches to gamming, decision-support tools and products for adaptation”

Tuesday the 28th of May 19:00 Side event “Placard Legacy Dinner”

Wednesday the 29th of May 11:15 Session “National Adaptation Strategies and Plans: sharing experiences

For more information on the sessions: